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Realizing a need of today era in building material of river sand with innovation, Research and development developed new pure ECO Green products for well being of mankind-

  ECO Plast

Water Resistance, premixed plaster for internal and external wall available in 40kg bags , in dry form ,no curing is required after application.ECO Plast is high quality premixed plaster suitable for clay, fly Ash brick, AAC block wall and concrete surfaces. Specially formulated cement based Polymers Modified Plaster used for both internal and external walls and is better replacement of conventional site-mixed cement / sand plaster. This plaster does not require any curing post application. High quality processed, graded sand is used. The sand used is a by - product of various industries and is free from clay, Sulphates and organic materials

  Features & Benefits :
  •   Formulated as per Bureau of Indian Standards(ISI)
  •   Hassle free ; No mud , impurities
  •   We can apply by spray machine / trowel
  •   Water resistant
  •   Consistent quality
  •   Less rebound/ wastage
  •   Time saving
  •   Durable plaster
  •   Smooth Finish
  •   Environmental friendly-pure green product
  Technical Description :
Main binderordinary partland cement
Fine aggregateProcessed, graded sand(Max size of aggregate – 3.00 mm and Min size- 2.4mm (as per requirement))
PolymersAdhesion & sell curing properties with special formula
Bulk density1500 kg/CuM
Coverage1.6 kg/sqm/mm (App:1.5kg/sq.ft area considering 10mm thickness)
Plot life120 mins
Compressive strength ,28 days8.00 to 10.00 N/mm2
Shelf life6 months